Professional Eyelet Setting Die

Professional Eyelet Setting DieProfessional Eyelet Setting Die

Professional Eyelet Setting Die Ref 216

The Osborne No. 216 Professional Eyelet Setting Die is a two part tool, made from sturdy drop forged steel. Big enough to hold in you whole hand (rather than forefinger and thumb). Having more lengths make the tool much more comfortable to use than small versions.

The grommet part sits on the bench with grommet in place over which the material is fitted through the punched hole. The washer is placed over the material before the top part of the die (driving pin) is inserted and struck strongly with a mallet (not a metal hammer) until the grommet and eyelet are driven firmly together.

Ensure that when driving these two parts together that the punch is kept upright and straight.

Do not use our dies with other brands of eyelet without testing first.

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