Nickel Plated Brass Eyelets

Nickel Plated Brass EyeletsNickel Plated Brass Eyelets

Nickel Plated Brass Eyelets

Our Nickel Plated Brass Eyelets are of the finest quality. Available in 8 different sizes from 5mm internal diameter up to 21mm.

For the best results in setting our plain rim grommets and washers use an Osborne No. 500 hole punch and an Osborne no. 216 setting die with corresponding sizes.

Sold here in either 144 or 24 Packets.

Size Internal Diameter (When Set) External Diameter  (When Set) Eyelet Height  (Pre Set)
00 5mm 11mm 4mm
0 6mm 14mm 5mm
1 7mm 17mm 6mm
2 10mm 21mm 7mm
3 11mm 24mm 9mm
4 13mm 27mm 11mm
5 16mm 31mm 10mm
6 21mm 46mm 8mm
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