Pre Fitted Hafts

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  • Sale! Automatic Sewing Awl

    O413 Automatic Sewing Awl – C.S. Osborne No. 413

  • Scratch / Brad Awl

    O478 C.S. Osborne No. 478 Brad Awl

  • Heavy Duty Scratch Awl

    O4 C.S. Osborne No. 4 Heavy Duty Scratch Awl

  • Badminton Awl

    OT10 C.S. Osborne T-10 Badminton Awl

  • Tennis Awl

    OT11 C.S. Osborne No T-11 Tennis Awl

  • All Purpose Bent Awl

    O18 C.S. Osborne All Purpose Bent Awl

  • Haft with pre fitted awl

    O140 Haft with Pre Fitted Awl

  • Pre Fitted Shoe Awl Haft with No

    O144-43 Pre Fitted Shoe Awl Haft (No. 43 Blade Inserted)