C.S. Osborne Upholstery / Leather Knives

Offered here is our wide range of Upholstery & Leather Knives. Grouped here are the knives that are more often used with the upholstery trade. If you want to view the full range of leather knives please look with the C.S. Osborne Leather Tools section of the site.

Quality Knives with a lifetime guarantee.

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  • Seam Ripper / Combination Knife

    O1020 C.S. Osborne Seam Ripper / Combination Knife

  • Hawkbill Carpet Knife Knife

    O420 C.S. Osborne Hawkbill Carpet Knife

  • Square Point Knife

    O76 C.S. Osborne No. 76 Square Point Knife

  • Square Point Trimmers Knife 1

    O76.5 C.S. Osborne No. 76.5 Square Point Trimmers Knife

  • Square point trimmers Knife (With Guard)

    O77 No. 77 Square Point Trimmers Knife (With Guard)

  • Sharp Point Trimmers Knife

    O79.5 No 79.5 Sharp Point Trimmers Knife

  • Round Sharpening Stone (6")

    O1021 C.S Osborne No. 1021 Round Sharpening Stone (6″)

  • Safety Knife Sheaf for Osborne Knives

    O72 No. 72 Safety Knife Sheath for Osborne Knives

  • 479 Bevel Edge Skiving Knife

    O479 No. 479 Bevel Edge Skiving Knife