53 Series Staples & Tackers

53 Series Staples & Tackers

Rapid 53 series staples are a general use staple that can be used for a variety of applications. They are made from fine galvanized wire and are also available in stainless steel.  Available here alongside a quality range of 53 series staple guns.

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  • Sale! Rapid R53 Stapler

    RA53-BOX Rapid R53 Staple Gun – Ergonomic

  • Sale!

    RA153-CLAM Rapid R153 Metal Staple Gun – 53 Series 4 – 8mm

  • Sale! R453 Heavy Duty Metal Stapler

    RA353-CLAM Rapid R353 Heavy Duty Metal Staple Gun – 53 Series 6 – 14mm

  • Sale! Rapid R453 Combi Tacker

    RA453 Rapid R453 Combination Tacker (Staples & Brads)

  • Sale! Rapid ALU953 Power Curve Tacker

    RAALU953 Rapid ALU953 Power Curve Tacker

  • Sale!

    RABTX530 Rapid BTX530 Cordless Electric Tacker

  • Rapid 53 Series Stainless Steel Staples - 10mm

    RA53SS-10 Rapid 53 Series Stainless Steel Staples – 10mm

  • Rapid No.8 Brads - 15mm

    RA300-15 Rapid No. 8 Brads – 15mm

  • Sale! Rapid R3 Staple Lifter

    RA3 Rapid R3 Staple Lifter

  • Sale!

    RA553 Rapid R553 Electric Staple Gun for Upholstery / D.I.Y

  • Sale! BTX530 Spare Battery Electric Tacker

    RABTX530-B Rapid BTX530 Spare Battery

  • Rapid Hobby Tacker 53 Series

    RAHobby Rapid Hobby Tacker (53 Series)

  • R53 10mm Staples 10mm

    RA53-BLISTER Rapid 53 Series Staples – High Performance Galvanized Steel – 1080 Pk

  • RA53-5000 Rapid 53 Series Staples (Galvanized Steel)