Button Machines & Die Cutter Sets

Button Machines & Die Cutter Sets

Offered here are the fantastic four button covering machines in the Osborne range. The most popular being the W1 Lever Press which offers both superb value and versatility as it can be used for setting Buttons, Eyelets & Snaps. The W2 is a foot operated button press which utilizes the fast action swivel die for increased output.  Also offered for factory output levels are the W3 & W4 pneumatic powered button machines which operate with 60 – 120lbs. of compressed air for  super fast and easy button production. The W3 has the same versatility as the W1 while the W4 incorporates the 3 piece swivel action die for ease of use and speed.

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  • Button Machine

    OW1 C.S. Osborne Button Covering Machine (Lever Press)

  • Pneumatic Button Press/ Snap Fastener / Eyelet Setter

    OW3 Pneumatic Button / Snap Fastner / Eyelet Machine

  • Pneumatic Button Machine (Fast Swivel Action)

    OW4 Pneumatic Button Machine (Fast Swivel Action)

  • Button Die Set & Short Cutter for W1 & W3

    OW2BD 2 Piece Button Die Set & Short Cutter for W1 & W3

  • Swivel Button Die Set & Long Cutter for W2 & W4 1

    OWDI3BDC Swivel Button Die & Long Cutter for W2 & W4

  • Osborne Foam Cutter

    O1212 C.S. Osborne Foam Cutter for Button Covering

  • Button Short Cutter for W1 & W3

    OWSC Short Cutter for W1 & W3

  • Round Sharpening Stone (6")

    O1021 C.S Osborne No. 1021 Round Sharpening Stone (6″)

  • Nylon Cutting Block (Fits W1 & W3)

    OW1-W Nylon Cutting Block (Fits W1 & W3)

  • spare plate for W1 lever press

    OW1-PL Spare Plate for W1 Lever Press

  • W1 Top Spring

    OW1-SPR Replacement Top Spring for W1 Lever Press

  • w1 spare pin

    OW1-P Spare Pin for W1 Lever Press

  • Sale! Osborne Swivel Button Machine

    OW2 C.S. Osborne Swivel Button Machine

  • OW1-H Replacement handle for W1 Lever Press