Staple Removers & Tack Claws

C.S. Osborne Staple Removers & Tack Claws

The most basic of requirements for any upholsterer will be a staple remover & tack claw. Removing staples and upholstery tacks can be a tedious task, in this section we hope to make it a little easier. C.S. Osborne carry a wide range of staple removers & tack claws which are all backed by a lifetime guarantee. The most popular staple lifters are the number 124 and 120.5. The 124 staple lifter has a rolling action where as the 120.5 has a more traditional lever action.  Our tack lifters come with either hardwood hickory handles or molded plastic, both offer great rigidity and ergonomic action. Also available are our staple puller pliers which are very good for tricky to lift staples.

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