Italian Made Tailors Shears

Italian Made Tailors Shears

Dos Plumas Tailors Shears are both high quality and affordable trade shears. Made at our factory in Italy our shears are drop forged and made from high quality cutlery steel.

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  • Dos Plumas Polished Sidebent Tailors Shears

    S1187PP Dos Plumas Tailors Shears 8, 9, 10 & 12″

  • Dos Plumas Fully Left Handed Tailors Shears 10"

    S15891-10 Dos Plumas Fully Left Handed Tailors Shears 10″

  • Dos Plumas Gold Plated Ceremonial Tailors Shears

    S1182 Gold Plated Ceremonial Tailors Shears

  • Dos Plumas Serrated Leather Shears 8.5"

    S1635-8 Premax Serrated Leather Shears 8.5″

  • Dos Plumas Household Scissors 5"

    S1134500 Premax Household Scissors 5″

  • Dos Plumas Quality Plastic Handle Thread Snips

    SC1 Quality Plastic Handle Thread Snips

  • Dos Plumas 4.5" Steel Thread Snips

    S1145-4.5 Dos Plumas 4.5″ Steel Thread Snips

  • Premax High Leverage Leather Shears

    SF14600 Premax High Leverage Leather Scissors 8″

  • S6162-9 Premax Stainless Steel Pinking Shears (9″ / 23cm)