Leather Punches

C.S. Osborne have a large range of specialist leather punches to cater to every corner of the trade. Made from high grade drop forged steel. Within the leather work and saddlery industries there are many specialist punches in use including Strap Punches, Bag Punches, Pippin Punches and many more.

Made factory sharp these tools can be re honed using a sharpening stone.

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  • Leather Belt Punch

    O245 C.S. Osborne No. 245 Leather Belt Punch

  • Arch Punch - Wad Punch (Metric)

    O149 C.S. Osborne No. 149 Arch Punch / Wad Punch

  • Round or Drive Punch

    O147 C.S. Osborne No. 147 Round Drive Punch

  • Self Healing Cutting Pad

    O603 C.S. Osborne No. 603 Self Healing Cutting Pad

  • Ventilator Punch

    O622 C.S. Osborne No. 622 Ventilator Punch

  • Ultra Fine Arkansas Carving Stone (3")

    O1025 C.S. Osborne No. 1025 Ultra Fine Arkansas Carving Stone (3″)

  • US Point U Shaped Strap End Punch

    O150 C.S. Osborne U Shaped Strap End Punch (USA Style)

  • Strap End Punch V Shaped

    O0150 C.S. Osborne V-Shape Strap End Punch (UK Style)

  • Oval Drive Punch

    O158 C.S. Osborne No 158 Oval Drive Punch

  • Bag / Oblong Punch

    O151 C.S. Osborne No. 151 Oblong Punch (Bag Punch)

  • Pippin Punch

    O105 C.S. Osborne No. 105 Pippin Punch

  • Nylon Cutting Block (Fits W1 & W3)

    OW1-W Nylon Cutting Block (Fits W1 & W3)

  • OK157 C.S. Osborne No. K-157 – Mini Punch Set

  • Multi Use STrap End Punch HW

    O152 C.S. Osborne Multi Use Strap End Punch