Caning / Weaving Tools

Caning Tools

You’ve probably run across the lattice-look weaving on some chair frames that your grandmother had or you saw at a flea market or maybe you even have some yourself that need repair.

Below you will find the tools for the job including the 405 Caning Chisel, 406 Caning Tools & 407 Caning Needle.

Basket Weaving

Or if you want to weave a wicker basket the tools in this section will make your job much easier offered in 3 different options our basket weaving tools are up to the task.

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  • Caning Chisel

    O405 Caning Chisel

  • Caning Needle (21")

    O407 Caning Needle (21″)

  • Caning Tool

    O406 Caning Tool

  • Basket Weaving Tool with Eye

    O423 Basket Weaving Tool with Eye

  • Basket Weaving Tool (Straight Blade)

    O424-S Basket Weaving Tool (Straight Blade)

  • Basket Weaving Tool (Bent Blade)

    O424-B Basket Weaving Tool (Bent Blade)