Tufting Tools

C.S. Osborne Tufting Tools

Tufting tools are of vital importance to anyone wishing to make a mattress, headboard or button back chair. The formula is that you attach tufting twine to the back of your button then use a large needle known as a ‘tufting needle’ to push the twine through the material. The twine is then hooked into place and held there by a tufting clasp.

Displayed here is our range of tufting needles and clasps which are avaialble with both standard and spring loaded release mechanisms. Tufting tools are used widely with the mattress making trade, if you were walk in to any workshop you will find a vast array of tufting needles and clasps in use. Traditional methods have not been lost in the modern age of manufacturing and the age old tufting tool will continue to be used for many years to come.

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