Splitting Machines

Leather Splitting Machines

Leather splitting machines (also known as skiving machines) are used to split or skive down thick leather to a required thickness. They are often used for thinning leather in readiness to be used for button covering or by bag or belt makers.

The leather must first be pushed between the roller and the blade and (flesh side up) you can thin use a plier to get the cut going and pulling the leather though. You can adjust the cutting width as you go.

Listed her are the Osborne No 84 Splitting Machine and the  86a Skiver. Both machines are used in broadly the same fashion the main difference being the width of the blade.

As with all Osborne Tools these leather splitters come with a lifetime guarantee.

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  • Osborne No 86 Leather Splitting Machine Main

    O86 C.S. Osborne No. 86 Leather Splitting Machine / Leather Skiver

  • Leather Splitting Machine / Skiver

    O86A C.S. Osborne No 86a Leather Splitting Machine / Skiver

  • 84 Splitting Machine

    O84 C.S. Osborne No. 84 Leather Splitting Machine

  • O86-B Spare Blade for 86 / 86a Splitting Machine

  • O84-B Spare Blade for No. 84 Splitting Machine

  • Sale!

    O84-H Replacement Handle for No. 84 Splitting Machine