C.S. Osborne No. 84 Leather Splitting Machine

84 Splitting Machine84 Splitting Machine

C.S. Osborne No. 84 Leather Splitting Machine

This is the original Osborne No. 84 Leather Splitting Machine. Cast iron frame. Made from the original Newark, NJ Patterns. Uses a moveable twist handle to set blade depth. A locking stop can also be set to return the same setting. The Operator inserts a strap, pushes the handle forward and twists to lock in the position. When pulling leather through, the operator continues to advance the handle forward with the free hand to create a tapered skive.

Has a brass round bar across the blade as a safety feature. 8″ hollow ground inlaid blade. Instruction sheet provided. Weighs 12lbs. UPC No.17038

  • Extra Wide 8″ Blade
  • Adjustable Handle for Tapered Skive
  • Brass Safety Bar for user protection
  • Instructions for Use

Instructions Available to Download


Please see the below instructional video playlist.


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