Snap Fastener Kit (Home Use)

Snap Fastener Kit (Home Use)Snap Fastener Kit (Home Use)

Snap Fastener Kit (Home Use)

Listed here is the C.S. Osborne Snap Fastener Kit for home use. Everything you need to set Snap Fasteners:

Die, Flaring Tool 6 eyelets & Caps 6 Buttons & Caps Tarnish free nickel plated brass snaps.

– K229-20 Suitable fo small leather or household items such as purses.

– K229-24 Suitable for Cloth, Canvas Curtains Tarpaulin, Nylon, Leather & Mesh. Gives a good sturdy result Instructions with the kit.


Osborne No. For Snap Size Weight
K229-20 20 (Baby) 3oz
K229-24 24 (Regular) 3oz
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