Professional Snap Fastener Kit

Professional Snap Fastener KitProfessional Snap Fastener Kit

Professional Snap Fastener Kit

Listed here is the C.S. Osborne Professional Snap Fastener Kit , everything you need to set Snap Fasteners:

Together with setting die, 25x 4 Piece snap set, Regular “Durable dot” Size 24 or 20 Nickel on tarnish free brass. Each set of 4 parts includes a cap, socket, stud and eyelet to make up 25 complete sets snaps.

K230-24 Suitable for Cloth, Canvas Curtains Tarpaulin, Nylon, Leather & Mesh. Gives a good sturdy result Instructions with the kit.

K230-20 Suitable fo small leather or household items such as purses.

Osborne No. For Snap Size Weight
K230-20 20 (Baby) 3oz
K230-24 24 (Regular) 3oz
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