C.S. Osborne Rivet Setting Tool

Rivet Setting ToolRivet Setting Tool

C.S. Osborne Rivet Setting Tool

Our Rivet Setting Tool corresponds to the equivalent rivet size and is used to both set and smooth over the copper rivets once set

Push the rivet through the hole then turn the material over. Place the burr on the rivet, then use the rivet setting tool’s straight hole to drive the burr down against the material. Cut the rivet off close to the burr with side or end nippers. Do not cut off flush with the burr but leave about 1/16” (1.5mm) above the burr. The hole on the side of the rivet setter can be used to dislodge any waste that is wedged into the tool. Place the concave recess of the setter on the burr. Hold perpendicular and strike forcefully, turn to the left then right as you strike. This spreads the end of the rivet over the burr. Simultaneously rounding its end. A few extra blows from the soft faced mallet can be used to flatten the rivet end of a bit, if desired

Select Rivet setting tool that corresponds with chosen rivet size (see below table).

Size   8   9 10 12 14
Head Diameter 13mm 12mm 11mm 10mm 08mm
Setting Tool 170-8 170-9 170-10 169-6 169-8
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