Rapid R606 Flooring Stapler / Bradder

Rapid R606 Divergent Flooring Stapler / BradderRapid R606 Divergent Flooring Stapler / Bradder

Rapid R606 Flooring Stapler / Bradder

The Rapid R606 Flooring Stapler is an effortless electric tacker for fixing hardboard 4mm or 6mm Ply. Also use for deep pile carpets and natural floor coverings. Vibration free fixing of gripper to treads and stairs risers around bathroom fittings and architraves. Uses Divergent Pointed Staples 18mm for Hardboard or 25mm for Ply. Ideal tool for the contract floor layer.

Narrow crown staples: Works like a double brad for fixing through tough materials and where long depth is required. Particularly useful for heavy-duty fixing, flooring, wood paneling, wall boards, frames, partitioning, etc.

Adjustable impact setting through Focused Power – the higher the power, the harder the stapling

  • Recoil free action
  • Safety trigger
  • High durability and long life time
  • Removable front plate for easy removal of jammed staples
  • 3.5 meter cord
  • 2 year guarantee
  • No 606 narrow crown staples 12-25 mm, No.8 brads 12-25mm

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