ME4000 Divergent Staples for Carpet Fitting 10,000 Pk (16mm or 20mm)

ME4000 Divergent Staples 20mmME4000 Divergent Staples 20mm

ME4000 Divergent Staples for Carpet Fitting 10,000 Pk

ME4000 Staples are mainly used within the flooring trade for securing hardboard, plywood, gripper rods and carpet. These are narrow crown staples so will drive nicely into your chosen material without leaving a bulky crown showing.

4000 Series Staple have divergent points, which means that the staple legs will twist when driven into the wood to give a firmer hold. These 4000 Series Staples will work in the Maestri ME400 Electric Stapler.

  • Available here in the most commonly used size 16mm & 20mm.
  • Crown Width – 4.8mm
  • Leg Length – 16mm or 20mm
  • Divergent Point
  • 10,000 Per Packet
  • Use with ME4000
  • Material – Stanox Coated Steel (Non-Reflective)
  • Ref: 114016 DC / 114020 DC
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£30.00 Inc. VAT(£25.00 Excl. VAT)£30.00 Inc. VAT(£25.00 Excl. VAT)