Maestri ME4000 Carpet Fitters Staple Gun

Carpet Fitter Stapler ME4000Carpet Fitter Stapler ME4000

Maestri ME4000 Carpet Fitters Staple Gun

Achieve effortless permanent fixings of hardboard, plywood and gripper to stairs and carpets, or other natural floor coverings, with the Maestri ME4000 electric stapler.

This stapler comes with an automatic countersink and can be used with 8mm to 20mm 4000 Series Staples.

This is a durable and hardworking stapler is a favourite of our flooring contractor customers. It works efficiently to fix down hardboard, plywood, gripper rods and carpet. These are narrow crown staples so will drive nicely into your chosen material without leaving a bulky crown showing.

We also have the matching 4000 Series Staples available with Divergent Point legs, meaning they will twist into the given material to give extra holding power.
The tool itself makes clearing any staple jams easy with a removable nose, and the ME4000 has an extra-long cable for when you’re moving around the workshop.

Key Features

  • Ideal for ply, hardboard, gripper and carpet
  •  Vibration free fixing
  • High resistance body
  • Built-in safety technology
  • Rear loading with built-in pusher
  • Maximum power and fastening speed
  • Compatible with 8mm to 20mm 4000 Series Staples
  • Supplied with case
  • Stapler Weight 1.4KG
  • Shipping Weight: 2.3KG
  • 2 Year Guarantee (For Repair by Spotnails)

(Do not leave loose staples in the case with the Tacker as they can get inside the mechanism and cause a short circuit – this will void your warranty)

This item is covered by a 2 year warranty (subject to conditions) full details of which are in the warranty booklet enclosed with the tacker. Please read carefully before using the item, if the warranty booklet is missing please contact us before using.


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